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Posts weergeven met het label bracelet. Alle posts weergeven

zondag 2 februari 2014

Modefabriek January 2014

Bonjour ma Cheries,

Last weekend I went to Modefabriek for my exhibition and ofcourse I had to walk around to see all the other brands showing their clothes and shoes and other amazing fashionable stuff. It was so inspiring and huge! I made some pictures of the things that catched my eye, so here is a selection of my favorite stuff!

Have you ever been to a fashion fair?

Lots of love,

The brand: Holy Preppy

Lovely jewels by The boyscouts

Brand: Layre Valiente

Really Cute coffee shops

More jewels by Ocean Republic

A Little juice factory! 

Another cute coffee shop.

 The Denim department.

I absolutely loved the prints on this rack!

Cute but edgy dress from Holy Preppy

Brand: Vila

dinsdag 9 juli 2013

DIY Bracelets

Bonjour ma Cheries!

Yesterday I went shopping and I went into a Creative-ish store. There was lots of stuff like DVD's, CD's, books ect. There was also a section where they had a lot of beads. I couldn't resist them they were all so cute! Sooo I bought some ofcourse, and that's why I am doing a DIY on bracelets. I will also do one on necklaces but I hadn't had time for that. So these are the tree bracelets I made. The 'How to' will be under every single bracelet!

No. 1 Silver Cross Bracelet
- Tiny White beads
- a silver cross
- a needle
- white wire/rope
- a closure and ringlet 

Take about 18cm of white wire and attach it to the little ringlet. Then put the wire through the needle's eye. Now slide half of the white beads onto the needle and onto the wire. When you're halfway put the silver cross on. Then slide on the other half of the beads. Now tie the closure onto the wire. And there you have you're Silver Cross Bracelet! :)

     No. 2 Pirate Skull Bracelet
- Skull Beads (I prefered cream but you can take any color)
- a closure and ringlet
- brown or black wire/rope

First tie the ringlet onto the rope. Now slide on the first skull bead. Then tie three knots and slide on the second skull bead. Again tie three knots and so on. When you have enough beads and knots to fit around your wrist tie the closure onto the rope and there you have your Pirate Skull Bracelet!

       No. 3 Blue Cross Bracelet 
- white wire/rope
- a needle 
- a closure and ringlet
- a silver cross
- little blue beads

First tie the ringlet onto the wire. Then put the wire through the needle's eye and slide the blue beads onto it.
When you're halfway slide on the silver cross and the other half of the blue beads. Finally tie the closure onto the wire and That is you're Blue Cross bracelet!

I hope you liked this DIY! If you have any other DIY suggestions feel free to comment them below. I will do a Necklace one soon. If you have any improvements about my posts please comment too. I'd like to know kow you feel about them and how I can make them better :)